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Audiovisual Co-creation

We create spaces for collective audiovisual creation, from the use of video, animation, photography, radio and / or theater. The results of these creations and the videos that systematize these processes will then be socialized in classrooms, libraries, civic centers and plazas by their own filmmakers, as well as in festivals, media, websites and social networks.


1. Dynamics of knowledge and confidence based on theater exercises.

2. Activities for reflection and debate based on photographs and experiences.

3. Analysis of myths circulating in the media and other audiovisual formats.

4. Training in audiovisual language and film script.

5. Casting and pre-production.

6. Tests.

7. Shooting.

8. Editing, musicalization, export.

Recording the stages for presentation of video-process that will allow to expose and reflect on what happened. Dynamization of the group through Whatsapp, Facebook and dissemination of results in social networks.