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Sharing Experiences

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Sharing Experiences is an APS -Aprenentatge i Servei- project, that proposes the encounter between young and elder people in the classroom.  Its an intergeneracional exchange of learnings and knowledges. This initiative uses photography and new technologies to recover the historical memory of the territory and the learning of games and popular traditions. Read more!

The Prism Project

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The Prism Project - Navas in Action is a proposal that seeks to change the image of young people in the neighborhood. A space for communication and participation to make visible the themes and interests of young people and adolescents. We carry out audiovisual projects to promote community action through the meeting, debate and collective dialogue. Read more!

Visible Itineraries

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Visible Itineraries is a project that tries to visualize the struggles and motives that people have to migrate, as well as the barriers that are imposed in the journey. Based on the intercultural dialogue with refugees and migrants, the group involved holds a photography exhibition where the where the itineraries of the protagonists are exhibited. Read more!

The great elder people

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It's a space for participation, empowerment and volunteering of older people from their training in media and technological education, so that they can raise awareness among citizens -especially youth - about the different realities that affect them this age, which seeks to promote a respectful treatment that improves their relationships, and coexistence in general. Read more!
The seminar proposes a theoretical-practical approach to promote and improve educommunicative practices in the city of Barcelona. It is based on experience and learning by doing, but also on the collective construction of a conceptual framework that is enriching for the city, its neighborhoods and its people. Read more!

The Crossroad

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Citizen educommunication strategy based on critical reading of the media, which allows students to reflect and discuss the relationship between North and South, as well as rumors, stereotypes and prejudices that exist about people of diverse origin. The Cruilla Comuna promotes intercultural dialogue, debate and media education in the classroom. Read more!

Neighborbook TV

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Project carried out from El Carmel neighborhood of Barcelona for the promotion of citizen participation, the defense of diversity, intercultural dialogue and positive interaction among young neighbors from the District of Horta Guinardó,using the audiovisual as a tool to recover the historical memory, appropriation of public space and cultural exchange. Read more!

City of Hope

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Proposal to change the popular imaginary that the media had created about the popular neighborhood Ciutat Meridiana during the economic crisis in Spain. An intercultural and intergenerational space was created to explore through theater, play and video, the complexity of the different realities and cultures that coexist in the neighborhood, as well as the riches of this territory. Read more!


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GenerActions is an educommunicative project of co-creation and meeting between members of different generations, from the neighborhood of Sant Josep, of Sant Vicenç dels Horts, to imagine and generate new possible futures. The project seeks to raise awareness about the different situations of young and elderly people, of the territory, by dismantling prejudices and stereotypes about their realities. Read more!

Disassembled TV

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A group of young people who are part of the Consell de nois i noies of Hospitalet de Llobregat discuss the different stereotypes of gender, age, class and origin present in the media and social networks and then expose their own vision of reality through a collective video production. Read more!


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A co-creation video project carried out in El Raval neighborhood of Barcelona in which, through fiction and documentary pieces, a group of young people explore their closest reality and express their vision of the world, from everyday places such as the street, the corner, a bar or the square. Read more!
We are a group of professionals committed to the environment and the community, who cooperate and share knowledge and experiences to promote equality, diversity and dialogue. The decolonization and gender perspective are our tools and intercultural coexistence our main goal. Read more!

Dismantlemyths TV

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This is a project that we do in different institutions to encourage debate and media criticism, establishing an open dialogue with people of origin and diverse artistic expressions. The objective is to make a fiction short film that dismantles the stereotypes about immigration and diversity set up by society. Read more!

The youth talks

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The Youth Talks is an interactive, ludic and dynamic site to bring together the visions of young people from different corners of Barcelona. It is a webdoc project that documents, through images and interviews, the perceptions of girls and boys in the city, who speak openly of cultural and gender diversity, of love, their relationship with the neighborhood, and with the entities. Read more!
Space to share experiences and concerns, as well as to build bridges that contribute to the consolidation of a glocal network that will expand the scope and generate new processes of edu-communication. Read more! Read more!

Chronicles of diversity

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13 crónicas que recorren la ciudad de Barcelona, escritas en la primera persona de Alfredo Cohen. Read more!


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In elParlante we produce audiovisual content grounded in concepts rather than just gimmicky videos. These videos are used to demonstrate the various services offered. The services range from systematizing processes, sharing experiences and demonstrations of knowledge, generating empathy between the strategic public of organizations with whom we work. Read more!


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Ñañ@s is a project designed to involve and empower the young people of Bella Maria, Chaquizcha and Guara (Loja Province, southern Ecuador) in the sustainable development of their community, based on the implementation of an educommunication strategy. The videos and workshops seek to reflect on collective identity and encourage citizen participation for social change. Read more!


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A space for information, deliberation and artistic expression so that young people from different parts of the Department of Atlántico (North of Colombia) can take the floor and express their own voice, starting from the questioning of the values that link them to the territory, its diversity, and it's cultural traditions. Read more!


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This radio program is a meeting point for music that talks about diversity, but above all, a space of positive interaction that emphasizes what we have in common rather than what sets us apart. TuParlante aims to raise awareness and to value the contributions of cultural diversity. Read more!

on line

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Every Friday night, after a long work week, a group of Latin American immigrants meets at the basement of an Internet cafe in Barcelona to plan their activities as football referees, which they do over the weekend in different fields of the city. Read more!