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Col·lectiu i+, professionals per la diversitat

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elParlante forma parte de un grupo de profesionales comprometido/as con el entorno y la comunidad, que cooperan y comparten conocimientos y experiencias para impulsar y acompañar proyectos de fomento de la igualdad, el reconocimiento de la diversidad, el diálogo y el conocimiento. La perspectiva de-colonial y de género son nuestras herramientas y la convivencia intercultural nuestro horizonte. Desde elParlante participamos con proyectos de edu-comunicación, además de diseñar la imagen gráfica, la web y el video de presentación. Read more!


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L@s Ñañ@s is a project of participatory edu-communication designed to empower and engage young people in Bella Maria , Chaquizhca and Guara (Loja Ptovince, southern Ecuador) on the sustainable development of their community , from the implementing a strategy of educational communication for social change, including video and participatory workshops that reflect on the collective identity and promote civic participation. Read more!


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Project in which young people of the Institute Menéndez y Pelayo in Sarria discuss stereotypes, prejudices and rumors circulating in society about immigration and cultural diversity. Read more!

The Crossroad

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Project that promotes intercultural dialogue and development education within the classroom, from critics and media literacy. Read more!

Desmuntatòpics TV

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Project in which young people from L'Hospitalet de Llobregat discuss those stereotypes present in the media and then present their own vision about reality. Read more!


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Video-creation project in which through the fictions and documentary pieces the young R@S explore their reality and express their worldviews. Read more!

Yamaró (Colombia)

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An area of information, expression and discussion for the youth from the Atlantic Department (Colombia) to speak and express their own voices, from questioning the values of their multiple identities. Read more!

Barribook TV

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Project to promote participation, intercultural dialogue, memory recovery, the defense of multiple identities and the positive interaction among youth in Horta-Guinardó Read more!

Ciutat Esperança

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An intercultural and intergenerational space that uses theater, games and video-creation to explore the richness of Ciutat Meridiana, one of the neighborhoods that has been most affected by the economic crisis in Spain. Read more!


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This radio program is a meeting point for music that talks about diversity, but above all, a space of positive interaction that emphasizes what we have in common rather than what sets us apart. TuParlante aims to raise awareness about the contributions of cultural diversity. Read more!

on line

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Every Friday night, after a long work week, a group of Latin American immigrants meets at the basement of an Internet cafe in Barcelona to plan their activities as football referees, which they do over the weekend in different fields of the city. Read more!
Space to share experiences and concerns, as well as to build bridges that contribute to the consolidation of a glocal network that will expand the scope and generate new processes of edu-communication. Read more! Read more!

Chronicles of diversity

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13 crónicas que recorren la ciudad de Barcelona, escritas en la primera persona de Alfredo Cohen. Read more!


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In elParlante we produce audiovisual content grounded in concepts rather than just gimmicky videos. These videos are used to demonstrate the various services offered. The services range from systematizing processes, sharing experiences and demonstrations of knowledge, generating empathy between the strategic public of organizations with whom we work. Read more!