ElParlante is 10 years old and we want to share with you 10 videos that have been part of this adventure. A journey inspired by all the theoretical and methodological work that links participation, communication and popular education with social transformation.

Participatory video, or audiovisual co-creation, as we call it, has always been in our ideology from the beginning. Having the opportunity to work on diverse stories, from many perspectives and explore new themes in the neighborhoods, with the protagonists, is part of our talking nature.

In this list you will find 10 participatory short films, which represent the concerns of young and old with whom we have worked during the last 10 years in Barcelona.

  1. History of Much@s

Historia de much@s is a short film made by the youth group of Ciutat Esperança about bullying that seeks to raise awareness among the educational community and society in general about the impacts of peer violence in the school environment.

2. An instant

What is the media’s view of sexuality and what effects can this have on young people and adolescents? This short film by Ciutat Esperança talks about teenage pregnancy. He won the jury prize at the Bcnzoom Festival 2015 and was selected for Tanjazoom, the social short film festival in the Beni Makada neighbourhood of Morocco.

2. This doesn’t sell

After discussing the stereotypes that exist around gender and sexuality, the group of young people from theDesmuntatòpics project in L’Hospitalet worked with the presumption of heterosexuality and the discriminations that exist in our society towards these issues.

4. The substitute

Rarely do we encounter a teacher from diverse backgrounds. Thus, in this short film by Desmuntamites made at the Ménendez y Pelayo secondary school in Sarrià, we reflected on Eurocentrism in the academic curriculum and drug trafficking as a stereotype of Colombian people.

5. The day you accept me

Short film of the Prisma Project in the neighborhood of Navas that talks about racism and Islamophobia from a gender perspective. The group of young people wrote a fiction script, in a participatory way, based on everyday stories of discrimination and hatred that were not visible.

6. Our history

Barribook is the youth project of the Horta-Guinardó District Coexistence Service, with which we work on issues such as the migration process and the relationship that young people are building with their host territory.

7. The Music Factory

Yamaró, el llamado del corazón is a rural project that brought together many diversities in the municipality of Sabanalarga (Atlantic), in the heart of the Colombian Caribbean. Music, folklore, historical memory and tradition were some of the ingredients chosen by young people to work in the territory.

8. The jewels of the crown

First participatory short film made with a group of elderly people from the District of Les Corts, to talk about ageism and question the stereotypes that exist towards aging. This is how La Gran Gent Gran began, a project that has continued its itinerancy through five more neighborhoods in other districts of Barcelona.

9. The best day in the world

The best day in the world can be that day when we lose prejudices towards others, towards the diversity that surrounds us, especially in the Raval neighborhood. This is what the young people of Ravalead@s wanted to explain in this participatory short film.

10. Go for it!

Participatory video made in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu de Palomar, where a group of young people from the FEDAC school decided to explain, in a short fiction, the stereotypes we have during adolescence about love and love relationships.

And so ends our Top 10. You have probably witnessed this process, which has not always been easy. However, our history encourages us to dream of at least 10 more years of participatory audiovisual projects that promote active citizenship.

Bonus track

There is no list without a bonus track, without a gift, without added value. This video clip collects everything we want to transmit and continue working, always with joy and enthusiasm. We leave you with The Great Elderly of Horta.