Intergenerational project to promote dialogue and respect between young and older people. Through technological and experiential exchange, the memory of the neighbourhood and the lost narratives are also recovered.

There are many emotions that mix and surface when you start talking two generations. The meeting of young people and older people of the intergenerational project Sharing experiences It emerged with the idea of talking about the influence of technology on everyday life. In this proposal of Learning and Service (APS) participated the San Ramon Sagrat Cor School, the Les Corts Institute, the Maristes Sants Les Corts School and the Santa Teresa de Lisieux School.

We work with the idea of energizing the meetings in the schools and making a documentary record of the most important moments. Thus, we started with the design of the workshops and the development of the scheduled activities, while in the schools they called volunteers in the homes of older people and among the same grandparents and grandparents of the students.

As the exercise sought to bring together two groups of people in very different stages of life, initial and final meetings were held to assess whether the project could really influence the relationships of the two generations. And the response was positive. During the process, a dialogue was established between adults and adolescents, where everyone contributed not only their knowledge, but also their life experiences.

Approximately ten older people met with their children in the classroom to talk about the documentary memory of the neighborhood or to know applications such as Google Maps. They also shared stories about how each generation is divided, online games, the uses of digital photography and social networks. To finish the workshops, we launched two simple questions for which the group needed a little sincerity: how do we see ourselves?, and how do others sell us?

The answers to these questions and the video from the meetings can be seen on our YouTube channel, where we share all the experiences of
APS Les Corts