SMOOTH (Educational Common Spaces. Passing through enclosures and reversing inequalities) is a project led by the University of Thessaly (Greece) that will be developed over three years (2021-2024). The project involves the participation of about 50 educational institutions that will be involved in case studies designed to discover whether educational commons can act as catalysts to reverse inequalities.

elParlante adds to the participation with Synchronize, together with Pompeu Fabra University, a project for co-creation and participation, which based on participatory video methodologies, information and communication technologies and social theater, aim to promote the link, empowerment and sense of belonging of newly arrived adolescents, or in the process of rooting, to their new environment, contributing to the educational and personal trajectory.

For several trainings, we have been with the Raval Integral Educational Association and the UPF team to exchange and share experiences and perspectives on education and communication.

Result of the participatory video of Synchronize 2021

The objective is to be able to apply the educational commons to the new edition of Sincroniza’t in the reception classroom of the Vall d’Hebron Institute. In this way, create a space for democratic citizenship and experimentation with new ways of thinking and doing based on equality, collaboration, creativity and sharing among all to strengthen intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and social integration.