Rafael Crespo

The secretary general of the Center for African Studies of Barcelona (CEA), Rafael Crespo Ubero, highlighted our work for our transnational condition between Catalonia, Colombia and the United States. “This provides them with a potential that few institutions have in Barcelona, since it allows them to interrelate different realities and add lessons and knowledge from different places to develop innovative projects”.

Crespo, graduated in Geography and History, specializing in Cultural Anthropology, History of America and Africa from the University of Barcelona, also believes that “the Speaker builds paths, not only bridges (which are structures over the abyss and temporal), between geographically learned societies and within society itself, for example his work on diversity in educational centers in neighborhoods with a lower level of diversity than the average of Barcelona, being a novelty.”

Crespo’s work is of great interest for our work, as he is currently working on a doctoral thesis at the Department of Anthropology of America and Africa of the University of Barcelona, on the topic “NGO and foreign immigration in Catalonia.” In addition, Crespo is also a technical advisor to the Plan for the Development of Intercultural Coexistence of the City Council of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, in the province of Barcelona. Photo: El Periódico de Cataluña.