There are institutions and individuals in Barcelona who are our obligatory reference for our work. One of them is Rodrigo Alsina, from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), where he is Professor of Communication Theories and coordinator of the research group on Audiovisual Communication.

“It seems to me that the project you are doing has a basic importance, because I believe that one of the things that is manifest, with exceptions, is the ignorance we have towards others, towards other cultures, towards other peoples, which is abysmal. Only by educating the new generations, children and young people who are in high schools to be interested in others, to see in the other people who can give us elements that enrich our own lives and can improve our vision of the world, will we achieve a different world from the one we have now, absolutely compartmentalized, absolutely divided and ignorant, one from the other,” Alsina said of elParlante.

The researcher is the author of the books La construcción de la noticia (Paidós, 2005) and La comunicación intercultural (Anthropos, 1999). Visit their website at: