After working on issues such as unplanned teenage pregnancies, participatory photography and racism, the City of Hope youth group decided to tackle the issue of peer bullying at school over the past year.

It has been an intense process in which we have learned how bullying works and we have entered the world of emotions and violence to be able to deal rigorously with this topic. The result has been the creation of a short film based on real events: “Historia de much@s”, a short fiction film that wants to raise awareness among the educational community and society in general about the impacts of peer violence at school. The piece has been created by the group of young people from Ciutat Esperança, where young extras from the Escola Llop del Taga and the Centre Obert del Centre Cruïlla have also participated.

In addition, during the premiere, you can also see some interviews conducted by the group of young people in the neighborhood asking the neighborhood what they know about bullying and a television program that we recorded with the educational community of Ciutat Meridiana discussing this issue.

The premiere is part of the City of Hope project, carried out by elParlante with the collaboration of the Community Plan of Ciutat Meridiana, an initiative that began five years ago and that aims to promote critical spirit, free expression, and creativity through audiovisuals.

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, December 20th at 6pm at the Zona Nord Civic Center to share this meeting and some snacks.